Hospice Care – The One Choice That Changes the Journey

Hospice is holistic care for people making life’s final journey. When we learn that in spite of the best medical interventions and treatments, our life is limited, we can make a choice to focus on care and comfort to enhance the quality of whatever time remains. 

Hospice is a family-centered concept of care that provides support and education for patients and their families. Hospice is NOT a place but is a philosophy of care that recognizes that the final life journey is as important as the beginning of our life’s journey. Hospice care can be provided in many environments; from a patient’s private home or apartment, to a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

Living Fully Surrounded by Those We Care About 

When you choose to receive Hospice care you are choosing to spend quality time, create memories, listen to family stories, and live as fully as possible. Hospice provides suppport to help manage symptoms, communicate and coordinate with physicians, and offers a team of dedicated professionals, available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, to help patients and their caregivers understand: 

  • The disease processes
  • What to do in any situation
  • What to expect

Our Hospice Team is available to you for any question or concern 24 hours a day, and is here to help patients prepare for and live fully in any stage of the final journey.

Bereavement Care

Many fears and feelings arise at the end of life. McLean Hospice helps patients and their families to understand their feelings and cope most effectively with them. Serious illness can create a sense of loss. Bereavement Care at McLean Hospice begins on the day of admission to the program and continues for 13 months after the death, through professionals and specially trained volunteers.